Updates && OOTD

Heyy Bellas and Bellos, I just want to say thank your for the support thus far. My blog has come a long way since I begun it last summer, we now have 50 members in our little family lol, and constantly growing. I want to use this post to let you all know what NaturellePhotography has in store for you this upcoming Spring. Firstly, model classes will begin in March and will last through the month of May. These classes will be held on Sunday nights at 8:00pm by myself and HauteFashion; sign ups to attend these classes will occur next week. Spaces are limited since these classes are FREE, so please apply early if your interested and a. In addition, to the model classes beginning, I’m also revamping my catalog so expect to see new icons, new backgrounds, and overall better quality products. I’ve been wondering why my products haven’t been selling like I expected them too. But, heyy if I’m not wearing my own products, why would I expect you guys to buy and wear them, so yeah prepare you wallets for some improved Naturelle products. Lastly, thank you once again for the support and below is an outfit of the day, hope you enjoy !







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