iMaliciouss Presents: Capas Dulces

Heyy Bellas and Bellos, lawwwd do I have some products to show off to you. Before I show off iMaliciouss gorgeous products I have to describe to you all how EPIC her fashion show was. I have never before seen a fashion show executed in this particular way. Instead of using a traditional runway, she decided to display her products mannequin style on circular platforms scattered throughout the room. Since the models aren’t walking around, the audience had too; we were able to view every item up close and personal ! Since she is releasing so many items, her models changed outfits every ten minutes so that everyone would have enough time to see each product. In addition, the main focus of this collection was layers which is why she named it, “Capas Dulces,” which is sweet layers in Spanish. I hope yall enjoy the following pictures, & as usual if you click them they will take you to those products!

^^ iMaliciouss^^

^^Layerable Sequin Tops^^

^^Layerable Stripe Skirts^^

^^Layerable Sweaters^^

^^Jackets – The Second & Last One are Layerable^^

^^Fancy Layerable Scarves^^



^^ShanSOxotic aka Best Dressed at Fashion Show^^

^^My home skillet bisquits lol, Pravanna, GlamVI, and Me^^

-Thanks for inviting us ! We enjoyed the show


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