Group Spotlight: ..:::”‘ The House of Blaise ‘”:::..

Heyy Bellas and Bellos, I’ve been meaning to feature this group for the longest and I surely recommend you join it. Keep in mind when you choose to join, this is more than a group they are a family as quoted in their group description, and it is evident throughout their threads. You can tell they truly care about one another beyond IMVU, and that truly warms my heart that you can find a group of  700+ people as loyal and concerned as they are. I thank SherlandoBlaise1, for creating this group I believe true friendships were formed there that will last a lifetime thanks to him. But that is nothing new for Sherlando it seems anything that he is involved in is successful, such as R.A.W Magazine, his catalog, and other various projects. In addition, not only are the members of this FAMILY close with one another they are willing and want to let other join into their growing family. For example, I posted a question within their relationship thread and not only did I get feedback right away but one of the women offered her time and said I could talk to her whenever I needed, and I just thought that was beyond kind. In conclusion, I hope this group continues to THRIVE and I hope my readers who are looking for a second family or a family in general check out this group.


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