Embrace Your FACE

Heyy Bellas and Bellos, this post will be different because I’ll be addressing an issue that truly bothers me on IMVU. Discrimination amongst different skintones/ethnicity/nationalities/species/noobs within a variety of public rooms. Now, I know everyone is not going to like everyone but “come on” we can at least be cordial to one another; have the common courtesy to respect each other to dress how we wish. For example, I can’t how many times I got booted out of a room for my avatar being to dark or my friend’s avatar for being to light ! I also ran into a girl who gets booted for being a furry, in a non-furry zone, like really? -.-. If people would stop judging a book by its cover they may discover they actually like the story within, especially noobs I’m pretty sure they’re people too. But anyway, moral of this is EMBRACE YOUR FACE, real life and IMVU there is only ONE of you, so be an EXCELLENT you, instead of TACKY COPY. No matter if your black white, Asian, red head, have albinism, like to dress up as a furry,  stay true to yourself & know your beautiful because your YOU.

loll, So this may apply more to real life than on here but hey I was inspired to write, so most likely someone needed to hear it.


4 thoughts on “Embrace Your FACE

  1. Well needed topic, Ppl get what i call IMVU famous and loose their minds.. so someone on. both sides needed to read this.

  2. I can’t express how excited I am to hear someone speak out on this subject, when I started with this site i was truly shocked by the discrimmantion that took place here. I’m trying not to go on a rant ( which this subject send me into one often ) , but I just wanted to state my thoughts on it:

    1. Noob hate
    ok ,so like did everyone for they had a first day here? Just because you been here for a few years doesn’t make you a better person. I mean really. Besides you never know that if noob you decided to crush has an alternate account and just wanted to have life outside of the limelight . You will never know who you are talking to unless you spend time to get to know that person. Don’t like me because my name is such and such or I’m affilated with this group , that’s a big no-no. A “noob” can have just as much talent, charm , and good sense as “old timer”. Beside the first day you made an account here your avatar card read noob or did you forget?

    2. Furry hate
    This pisses me off to the core. (trying to calm down) I am know for my range in skins , so you will never know how i will appear before you. I myself have broken friendships because of the dreaded comment ” Girl why are you dressed like that”. Trust me I will never change who I am , nor will I subdue my imagination because I love to wear furs , alien skin, or etc. My dress goes with my mood so you will never know what you will get with me , so if i decided to “furry-it-up ” for while does it change who I am?
    3. Color Hate
    Simply put , if Imvu only wanted certain degrees of skin color, they would not have allowed us to create other colors. To those people who are standing in the ignorance of their minds , I suggest you , no I dare you to spend excatly one day with that person concentrating on the words that say and not the color of the skin , then make a judgement . Maybe then I will have some type of respect for you.

    I would go on but at this point I’m hopping mad and standing on this platform is killing my feet . So thanks for allowing me to speak my piece (peace) and keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Like “MzLaSheebaManson” said yea ppl do get their net fame and/or populairty and just be quick to judge or cop an attitude(knowin they use to be the ones they gossip or judge now).Hopefully the ones who do that read this post and get a reality check.Things like that hurts ppl’s feelings and just drives them away 😦

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