Diiva Presents: AdoreYear Fashion Show

Heyy Bellas and Bellos I had the pleasure to attend Diiva’s Fashion Show, which to my surprise featured customs by Pierce. The show uniquely opened with a model who wore a custom by Pierce along with huge black wings, then shortly after the black angel walked the runway, Diiva strutted down wearing a stunning custom dress, which is shown in  the first image below. All items below will be available in Diiva’s catalog by Monday {excluding customs by Pierce of course}.

The gorgeous models who graced the runway are Sunkissed, frenchie91, and Mahogany, great job ladies !

I believe Diiva stated that the shirts below were inspired by the Versace at H&M Collection, lol don’t quote me because I can’t quite remember.

 vv-This was one of my FAVORITE outfits of the night, definitely have to purchase this !-vv

Lastly, here is a me at the show wearing a stylish outfit under 1000kb, yes it can be done ! Aha, although I had to wear the default avatar -.-“. && Coincidentally sitting beside me is Diiva, now I don’t know how that came about, cause we weren’t sitting together the whole show, but hey it worked for my picture !

Hope you all enjoyed this post !


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