Potential Model Spotlight: SanaaC

1. Why do you aspire to be an IMVU model? Was there a specific situation that sparked your interest in this particular industry?
When I first got on IMVU a while back it really didn’t interest me none. But when a good friend of mine told me how IMVU had grown and how fashion had become a major thing and a fun industry I had decided to get back into it with a goal to be a model. I also design clothes in real life, so I thought it would be very interesting to see myself grow on a computer game where I could build a personality of my own just as much as I do in my real life.
2. Do you believe that you have what it takes to become well known on IMVU as a model?
Yes I do, because I am willing to learn. I’m willing to push myself out there to the best of the best and show them that I can do it. I am willing to market myself, learn more about the graphics detail when it comes to doing things for the designers on IMVU. And I want to grow that ability to inspire other models just as well.
3. Do you have an MODEL GOALS, such as you want to model for a certain developer one day, ect.?
My goals would be to model for a few developers I have seen here and enjoyed wearing their amazing work such as JaeLova, Frenchie91, LIDDY, and much more. I want to appear on covers of magazines, blogs, which I have managed to do already. I also want to have  a growing blog myself where I talk about how I managed to take the few tools I had to get started on IMVU and become who I will later be, which is a PRO model.
4. How would you describe your style, and would you consider yourself to be diverse?
Since I’ve started I’ve noticed that my style is very retro. I like to play with pattern, colors, and sometimes  solid color in which I usually choose to wear a loud color. Sometimes the color can be warm, but most of the time it’s a hot pink, which is my favorite color. I do consider myself as diverse now that I am starting to grow on IMVU. I’ve happened to find my style on here, which has also picked up from how I dress in real.
5. I know you plan on documenting your IMVU Model journey, any particular reason why? Do you hope that it will help others trying to model?

My reason for doing this, which is like an open journal, a help in direction type of guide to upcoming models. I wanted to feature the same people I dealt with to other young ladies or even men. I wanted them to see how things were for a starter such as myself, and how and what I did to grow. I think it will be a help to those that are just as determined as I am and will continue to be as time goes on

*I highly recommend SanaaC as a model, she is professional, determined, and overall a great person to work with. You will not regret giving her a chance to model for you in your magazine, catalog, and/or blog.


3 thoughts on “Potential Model Spotlight: SanaaC

  1. 😀 That was really good Ms. Auliet. Thank you so much for the chance to be featured on your amazing blog. I soon wish to return the same favor. Thanks again!

  2. I believe Ms. Williams is well on her way. She seems to have a healthy down to earth attitude which is a rare find in the industry, and is a plus in her favor . Good wishes on all future endeavors.

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