She Has Done It Again !

Whom you ask? Well Pravanna of course ! She has recently released her  Pre-Spring Collection which consists of light purples, pinks, and yellows. I absolutely love the color palette she used for this particular collection. In addition, Pravanna has also released several other products such as bras, panties, sweaters, stockings, and much more. If I were you I’d head over to her catalog right about…..NOW ! Get it while its HOT, lol I guarantee that when you wear her products you will not look like anyone else. She makes her products in a way that, no one can ever rock it the same exact way, and that’s what I call COUTURE.

Visit Pravanna’s Catalog

Models {Left to Right}: ElectriqKiss, GlamVI, & PureAdore

Models {Left to Right}: PureAdore, Me {AuLiet}, ElectriqKiss, Me {AuLiet}


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