Quick Fit Description: In the image below, I am wearing “statement pieces,” which is defined as a particular item or items that are the most eye-catching on your outfit. Items that are the most noticeable are usually bold and/or unique, and sometimes they are just pieces that define your signature style.

Heyy Bellas and Bellos, I’ve missed you guys and gyals ! Firstly, I just want to thank you all for an amazing year especially those who have been reading this blog from the very first post. I know I write alot lol but you all just keep on coming back, aha and I’m so appreciative of that. So to thank you all I’ll be holding a little give-away, only on the items you see below; unless you’re a guy I’ll gift you something off of your wishlist ;]. So keep reading to see how you can win an item below.

Sorry, for the hideous screenshots I could not figure out a way to make them look more presentable, but anyway if any of my bellas or bellos would like to win any of these fabulous pieces, please fill out the short form below. Basically, you’ll be choosing one number between 1 -50 and those who pick the correct number will win, but you must comment here, DO NOT inbox me.

THERE WILL ONLY BE 5 WINNERS, Good Luck && Happy New Years’ !


IMVU Username:



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