Fashion Gathering Review {: !

Heyy Bellas and Bellos, remember that show I told y’all about the other day? Well, here are a couple of the outfits displayed at the show. These unique creations were developed by creators Liddy and Choice, who are two very talented developers. Their products have sort of a dark casual sex appeal to them, lol I know that’s an odd combination but I don’t know how else to explain their style. I absolutely loved every product in this show, especially the see-through lace skirt. In addition, to their fabulous outfits, the room was freakin’ magnificent it was elegant and small with dim lighting. The runway was not lit in the back, so it gave off this awesome illusion of the models appearing from an extremely dark path, sorta. I really don’t know how to explain lol but just know it was awesome. I have no complaints about this show besides it starting thirty minutes late, but that’s almost normal for fashion shows due to lagg and various other reason. But, great show Choice, Liddy, and Evo Models !

Choice Catalog

LIDDY Catalog


One thought on “Fashion Gathering Review {: !

  1. LOL@ late yes just a tad.. had to keep the anticipation going right loll Over all w crashes >mainly me< and lag I had a great night and I was ecstatic to see so much support from my fellow developers and friends ❤ ty all

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