OOTD, Bellos This is For You

Heyy Bellas and Bellos, did you miss me ? Aha, well if not I’m back anyway so :P. So, do you all see that guy up there? Isn’t he a cutie? Mhm, I know thats none other than Theodore aka me dressed up as a guy. Now, I do not normally like to do this, but apparently there is a lack of male models on here, that or their hiding from me -.-“, either way it results in me cross dressing. But, let me continue Theodore is rocking an underground developer, who is……………..Daustein ! I came across this lovely fellow while looking through the male vintage section of the catalog, and let me tell you there is some great stuff in there so I advise my bellos to take a look. I do not know exactly how to describe his style but it comes off as a rugged/vintaged/chic type of look, and I’m loving and I hope you all do too. In addition, he also creates furniture as well; he’s obviously a man of many trades. So do not forget to click the links below, to see what Theodore is wearing ! That’s all for now Bellas and Bellos. -Ciao







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