Did You Miss II.VA Fashion Show ?

Ha, well I did too lol. But they were kind enough to let me come in and take snapshots while they re-recorded the show. I’m so mad -.- I missed this show, cause I heard it was absolutely spectacular but hey I wouldn’t have expected less than the best from iish and JaeLova. Mhm, peep that? The line II.VA is a combination by both developers consisting mostly of winter apparel {scarves, shoes,hats, gloves, & purses}. In addition, the color palette they chose for this show is freakin’ phenomenal, it consisted of tan, brown, burgundy, green, black, orange, blue, white, and beige. So I definitely can’t wait to rummage through their catalogs, and the best thing about it, is they created for both men and women; so fellas this post is for you too !

That’s all for now bellas and bellos, and I’ll leave the link to PrettiKitti’s Blog so you can see the video.

Click for awesomness —–> iish & JaeLova

-_- Btw, I didn’t get a picture of iish, cause I’m slow and didn’t know at the time that the show was a combination of both developers.

But she looked gorgeous :D, you can peep her photo on PrettiKitti’s Blog as well and her products for this show which were geared toward males are absolutely wonderful. {:


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