Look Who I found :D

Heyy bellas and bellos I’m here to bring you all a well known developer. So here we go, I present to you…the one……the only…..DARE. 😀 I actually stumbled upon Dare while in a public chat room, mhm yes I did! See that girl next to me? Well…thats Twinky and no, I don’t know her lol but I did compliment her on her leopard pussy bow shirt, who she kindly let me know was made by Dare. Thank God, she did cause I would have never found her and now that I did, I ABSOLUTELY love her products. Not only are her products well textured but they are unique…so if you DARE to be different, then CHECK OUT HER CATALOG. BTW, the guy in the picture is Troop lol and he just wanted to be included x].

PS: lol this was suppose to be an underground developer until I realized she was PRO.  -____- lol and I didn’t want my picture to go to waste or my little paragraph lol so here ya go ! x] My bad guys I’ll do better next time. PROMISE.



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