Looooook What You Did !!!!!!!

Welllllllll, maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic, I can’t blame this huge mess all on you all, so I came to the conclusion that you all are responsible for 99.9% of this mess. But anyway remember that poll I asked you all to do, in my last post? Well, majority of you all chose number one, which was showcasing underground/unknown developers, runner up was male fashions, and lastly someone suggested that I offer model tips and fashion classes. With that being said I’ll start rummaging through my wardrobe and digging through the catalog to find those oh so unique developers who aren’t at the front of the catalog. Hopefully in the meantime, you all will be kind enough to help a sistah clean up her room, considering you all are the ones who suggested I look up unique developers lost in the catty !

That’s all for now bellas and bellos, Have a Blessed Sunday.


7 thoughts on “Looooook What You Did !!!!!!!

  1. lol! Nice I like that.It’s also truly wonderful that someone thinks it’s worth it to actually look for Developers who do really great work but are passed over by the IMVU and advantaged by Developers who game the system to get on the Hot list/ front pages..

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