Magazines, Blogs, and Catalogs of IMVU :D

If your a serious fashionista you should already know about these following magazines, blogs, and catalogs. But in case you don’t let me take this time to share some of these that I love to read and of course get inspiration from. First and foremost I love reading Pravanna’s magazine, and not because we’re friends, “HEYYY BOOO,” lol but seriously she freakin’ talented and creative and thats exactly what she shows you in her magazines. In this last issue she just released she gives advice on how to become a model on IMVU as well as how to wear her fashionably products and if that wasn’t enough, there is also fashion advice from the talented HauteFashion, so please CLICK the magazine below and take a look.

Now, its time for some of my favorite blogs. 😀

First and foremost is PrettiKitti, you know she’s that feisty kitten that writes about a little of everything on her blog PrettiLegit. I absolutely adore her blog, because for one she blogs about more than just fashion, she keeps everyone up to date about the changes within IMVU such as escrow as well as, determining if your love on IMVU is “real.” She’s the go to BLOG for almost EVERYTHING, so make sure you click that link and CHECK her out. {; I guarantee you’ll be hooked cause she’s PrettiAddictive.

Secondly, is Shezahdi which I have mentioned on my blog before but you all might have forgotten so here she is again ! lol She’s that sweet, sassy, and chic owner of the blog BlushinglyChic. I have gotten so much inspiration from the outfits she’s posted on her blog it’s ridiculous lol, she isn’t afraid to wear, blend, and layer bold colors and patterns. She is also one to dig through the catty, and find those unique developers that aren’t quite known yet. So if you haven’t already click the link and UPGRADE your wardrobe.

A third one? Yes a third one ! -_-” I like a lot of people, goshh. lol But this next blog is one I recently subscribed to cause her style is oh so FIERCE. I’ve actually been reading Glam Affair for a while I just haven’t thought to subscribe until now x]. Rebeliouz has a style all her own, and she expresses that in her blog. I love the way she shows her screenshots in small photos because idk I thought it was creative and it loads the page fast. Well, thats my opinion but I’m sure you’ll agree so click the link and take look.

Last but certainly not least, there is a NEW blogger on the scene and her name is Typical. She started her blog DiscretelyChic on November 26, 2011 so yes lol she is that new. But that shouldn’t discourage you from following her blog, the chica has style and her blog has the potential to blossom into something amazing so click the link and subscribe today.

Catalog ? Yes unlike a magazine they focus solely on developers as in real catalog will focus only on clothing. So you will mostly see outfits made by one sole developer in each ad and not a combination. I enjoy reading this because I am able to discover developers I never heard before as well as get updates on developers I already know of. So check out Evo Catalog.

That is all bellas and bellos, I hope I’ve encouraged you all to subscribe to these lovely ladies and be inspired by their individual and unique style.


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