Did You Miss Justionia Fashion Show ?!

Catalong Link: http://www.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=10548615&r=acwWell, thank God I went or you all would be out of LUCK ! lol, Let me proceed and tell you guys this show was FIERCE ! She was well organized and she started on TIME, two qualities you need in a show. The only thing I did not quite enjoy was that it seemed that the models did not walk all the way down the runway, it was like they stopped a little before mid-way, now this could have been my computer cause I was lagging like nobody’s business but ehh :/ due to that problem I was not able to capture many high quality photos. But besides that her clothes were FABULOUS, and that’s what truly matters. Her clothes went from business, to retro glam, to swimsuit and I thoroughly enjoyed every piece of clothing. She is talented and hope she keeps creating. -Ciao Bellas & Bellos


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