Need Help Rockin’ Sir4110 Products ?

Well, let me tell you all I have been a fan of Sir4110 products for the longest, but I have yet to buy any lol. -.- I know I know, I’m like the worst supporter ever ! But I just could not figure out a way to rock his clothing without looking like a FashionFail ! He’s products are so over the top Couture/Avante Garde that to pull it off you really have to take RISKS and when you take risk you either look FABULOUS or RATCHET. He’s a Tier 4 developer now and I know he’ll make Pro status soon, but before he does I want to say I was one out of may people who have supported him along the way, but let me stop chit-chatting and show you all exactly how I rocked his Ledge Heels. {:

Sir4110 Catalog:







One thought on “Need Help Rockin’ Sir4110 Products ?

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