Model SpotLight

AuLiet: How long have you been modeling?

CityFamous: Ive been Modeling Since Last Year and i enjoy this modeling career so much, cause fashion is everything to me.

Me/AuLiet: What specific developer/contest/show really got you noticed?

CityFamous: I’d have to say it all started in me joining this Modeling Agency called “Evolution Modeling INC” known as IMVU’s Socialites too.
And as for developer’s i got mostly recognized with Liddy , iish also AngelinaNyx but I’ve worked with multiples of developers definitely.

Me/AuLiet: How would you describe your style, and do you keep a consistent style {skin/hair color} when you model?

CityFamous: Well im all about Fierce | Edgy style. thats just something i absolutely love. but as for consistency i dress
depending on the style I’m feeling, like if i wanna go for retro vintage look I’ll dress up like that. so i like to
try different variety of style. No i don’t really stick to the same hair color or skin, it all depends within the outfit I’m wearing and what goes right with it (:

Me/AuLiet: What is your most memorable model moment? Do you have any advice for anyone who aspires to become a model?

CityFamous: Oh man, well now theres going to be a Fashion Show from Justionia on Friday Novermber 25 @ 8pm eastern time, and i’m a part that
show that I’ll be modeling in. and honestly i feel honored to be a part of her very first fashion show. but before this i felt really
honored to also be a part of your fashion show that you had, and still to this day i appreciate that very much (: but as for the new upcoming
models or anyone that has the interest of becoming one, id say if u have no experience just join in Agencies because you can gain ALOT of modeling
experiences from it and not only that but Developers would like to see that you know some graphic skills so you can work on that too.. and honestly
just chase your dreams and go hard at it (:

-Recommended, from personal experience I can honestly say Cee is one of my favorite models. She was always prepared for practices, outfits were exquisitely put together and her personality is simply AMAZING. Great model to work with, you will not regret choosing her for your runway shows or advertisements.

Thank You ! Please Check Out CityFamous, hit her up via IMVU.


One thought on “Model SpotLight

  1. Form:

    UserName: TheoriginalOasis

    Name { NickName}: “O”

    Age: 43

    Availability: RL work schedule is as follows…work 3 16 hour days then off 3 days; online all day on off days

    Time Zone: EST

    *Screenshots must be taken in *hiresnobg, the head shot should be “Natural,” and the full body shot should display your style.




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