Should I Shop Diiva?

Heck YEAH  ! I had the opportunity to put together several outfits by Diiva and guess what?……..I ended up with 5 completely different looks. I love when developers are diverse, and Diiva takes the freakin cake! Before I began this “project,” I thought she only developed urban type clothing, pssh FOOLED ME, loll. I was able to go from classy to urban to edgy, and lastly to an everyday type of look. I had a lot of fun creating these outfits of the week loll x] cause basically I have an outfit for each day and I hope you all enjoy them too. Unlike I normally do I will take you through each outfit, and explain in a sentence or two …each look. So bellas and bellos please continue scrolling {: you will not regret it.



This is absolutely one of my favorite outfits now ! You can literally wear this top with just about any tights but I decided to pair them with her silver snake skin tights, which are FIERCE ! I’m a sucker for animal prints and she got me with these.


Well, I decided to go for the, “night on the town,” type of look and well it wasn’t difficult at all with this sexy black body suit with a pop of red from the belt. As some people may know I base most of my outfits off of a pop of color, so for her to already have the color in there was basically the cherry on top.


I decided to switch things up and go for an edgy look on this outfit ! I would not have been able to pull this look off if it was not for the stockings she added to these shorts. Now I’m going to be honest I usually hate when there is stocking attached to shorts, but for some odd reason this time I’m really liking them. The detail in these shorts and stockings is well……♥.


I’m still LEEYAH FROM THE BLOCK, USE TO HAVE A LITTLE NOW I HAVE A LOT……aha thought it would be cute to start the description off with a little J-Lo, if not ignore my coryness -.-. Well anyway I went for an urban look, so I put together a pair of Diiva’s gold snakeskin leggings/tights with an off the shoulder shirt by PrettiKitti.




Last but not least, another super cute outfit by Diiva. As you can see, she has the stocking there again lol ! And for some freakin reason I absolutely ADORE them, aha get it ? x] I’m a comedian, I know I know. But anyway back to the outfit, the shirt caught me by SURPRISE, the front was what I would have expected but a transparent back? Caught me off guard, YES IT DID ! I love a simply front and a party in the back. Oops, I don’t want to forget the earrings, as you can see she took a unique twist to the all time favorite gold bamboo earrings

Well that is all my bellas and bellos I hope you all enjoyed and lawwd I know this is long but I hope you all atleast looked at the screenshots lol!


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