Pravanna’s Catalog:

Well, she has done it again, Pravanna has hosted another spectacular fashion show, showcasing her new lingere line, PRivate. This show was just fabulous bellas and bellos I wish you all were  there to experience it with me, but since you all were not I took PICTURES! She uniquely opened the show with ballerinas dancing to a song by Alicia Keys, I wish I had gotten a picture of them dancing but they were moving to quickly for me to capture. Well anyway, let me tell you all the lingere was gorgeous, although I don’t have an IMVU, “love,” I would not mind prancing around in these garments, they are simply exquisite. I especially love the off the shoulder sheer covering that you can see in the bottom picture on the left, that really caught my eye and I cannot wait till she releases these tomorrow. Naturelle bellas and bellos I’m urging you to SHOP Pravanna, her style is so chic and couture you’ll absolutely love it and you’ll stand out as well. Since her items are so unique and creative no two people can wear them the exact same way so SHOP Pravanna, cause I sure will.

Not only was this the debut of her lingere line but it was also the finale of Pravanna’s Top Model, her models battled it out one last time to see who would win this competition. After a long and hard deliberation [[ iKariZma ]] was chosen as Pravanna’s Top Model, Congratulations gyal you deserved it ! I would also like to acknowledge runner up Adaiel, she gave iKariZma a run for her money, they both performed exceptionally well in the competition and I wish them both the best. 😀

That’s all for now {:


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