Outfit Of The Day

Heyy my naturelle bellas and bellos, I bringing you’all another fabulous outfit and possibly some new developers to take a look at if you are not already familiar with them. First of all I created this look to compliment my favorite autumn room and in the process lol I found a cute outfit. Fall contains so many rich colors from brown to orange to red to green, the color palette is simply AMAZING ! In addition, please check out those fabulous developers I listed above, including myself ^_^. They all have fabulous pieces, especially Pravanna she recently released her autumn/fall line of clothing, as well as PrettiKittii and Peng. Well that’s all for now I hope you’all enjoyed the look and hopefully it’ll inspire you to put together your own looks ! && If so, let a sistah know please I would LOVE to showcase the Fashionably GIFTED on my blog.

Pravanna: http://www.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=43678819&r=acw

PrettiKitti: http://www.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=6814333&r=acw

Peng: http://www.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=39615151

MystyRainbow: http://www.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=15055599

DrWildCaT: http://www.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=30182884

AuLiet: http://www.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=46516869&r=acw


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