Oh Em Gee, Who’s That ?!

Heyy Ladies and GentleFellas it’s been a while since I posted, -tear- I miss chatting it up with you guys or wait…for you guys. You all know what I mean ! lol But, anyway I want to introduce you all to Shezahdi. Isn’t her name cute? ….aha but let me continue that Fashionista right there has a blog and I suggest you all subscribe to her; cause let me tell you Shezahdi knows how to hook up a unique fabulous outfit. She isn’t your usual model/stylista, this gyal is really talented, she walks into any room and you instantly notice her. Thats how stand-out-ish her and cute her outfits are. But this girl isn’t all looks, she is also the co-owner of Fashion House which is a group that dedicated to promoting models, developers, and graphic artists. Well that is all just wanted you all to get a chance to know this fabulous gyal through her blog and as usual I’ll leave all links below. -Ciao !

-______- Just noticed I spelled her name wrong on the picture. -SlowMoment-

Blog Link: http://blushinqlychic.blogspot.com/

Homepage {Shezahdi}: Shezadi@imvu.com


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