I’m Back With a Contest !

Theme: Photography

Description: Please be creative as possible ! Although I want you all to be creative I still want you all to keep it realistic looking. Like don’t take a picture of your avatar floating in space eating a hamburger…thats a NO NO.  Your avatar doesn’t even have to be in the picture it could just be scenery, keep in mind the angle of your camera, the lighting, as well as your avatar’s outfit if its going to be in the picture. Btw, you are only entering ONE SCREENSHOT.


First Place – 3500k + Gift

Second Place – 1500k + Gift

How to Enter: You must subscribe and leave your entry as a comment on this post to qualify.

How to take a IMVU Photograph: After you position your screen the way you want it using {ctrl and arrows and/or shift and arrows} you then type in *hiressnap

Deadline: October 21, 2011


14 thoughts on “I’m Back With a Contest !

    • Alright, your submission is removed. && sorry you want it removed but I can’t judge a contest with only 5 entries.

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