Ehh Bored With Your Usual Groups?


Well, I wanted to take the time to spotlight one of my favorite groups. And let me tell you all I’m in over 20 groups so for this one to capture my attention it must be something special ! Well anyway let me give you a little synopsis on what this group is all about. Firstly, its a developer group and they are not only interested in promoting their own products but also helping new developers as well, mhm yall isn’t that nice? Although they are willing to help any and all new developers they are not recruiting. There are only three main developers in their developer group/team which are Adidas, Ultra, and Limited. From what I can see they specialize in creating high quality products, as all developers should strive to do. Well I hope yall enjoyed this post. Please do not forget to check out their catalogs as well as JOIN the GROUP, they’re always looking for new members.

Group Link:

Adidas’ Catalog:

Ultra’s Catalog:

Limited Catalog:


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