Who’s That Wednesday ?!

It’s that time AGAIN ! -Does Cabbage Patch- I love showing you all fashion forward Ladies and GentleFellas ! Aha this week we have Pravanna, who is a Real-Life fashion designer in the making. lol So a couple of years from now, I hope yall still remember the name Pravanna cause you might see her fashion in High End Boutiques. Well anyway back to IMVU, I absolutely love her style and the overall look of her avatar. When I say no one else avatar looks similar to hers, I MEAN IT. Her style is beyond unique, its “Pravanna,” lol in the above photo she is rocking leopard GAGA heels with black tights and a red backless sweater. She made this simple outfit pop with her bold leopard shoes and chunky accessories. I personally would like to say Thank You Pravanna, for sharing your style with us ! If you were inspired by Pravanna’s outfit/style I suggest you visit her catalog and take a look at her HighFashion/Couture, Avante Garde type of clothing.

Pravanna Catalog: http://www.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=43678819


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