Presenting Swiezy9 by Luvablememe && PrettiKitti

This post is for the FELLAS !

Well, this weekend I had the opportunity to attend Luvablememe and PrettiKitti’s Fashion Show. & As always PrettiKitti’s shows are always well executed and organized. But, lets get to the fashionnnnnn! Well, the fashion I wasn’t actually able to capture -_-, due to my suckish connection my photos aren’t to good, not to mention there were over 30 people at the show. So without further or due let me give you my sweeeeeeet review. Oop that rhymed, didn’t it ? Aha,well I absolutely loved the clothes made by both ladies, I couldn’t exactly tell who made what but it all looked good. You can tell these ladies took time to ensure top quality and great detail in each article of clothing they created from shorts to tops. I believe their clothing consisted of a couple of themes such as Nerd, Tribal, Edgy, Army Fatigue, Casual Blazers and other assorted themes. Well I hope you fellas enjoyed this update!

Almost forgot, you can also get the exact runway room ! The room and its furniture can be found in EXOTICARAIN catalog, and while your there check out the rest of her gorgeous rooms !





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