Tantalizing Skin Tuesday

Heyy Ladies ! It’s that time of the week again :D, where I showcase one sexy skin. So prepare your eyeballs for this gorgeous skin and of course the scenery behind her as well. This week skin is by the talented developer Cindyy. These new set skins have become popular due to the affordable price of 399 cr. !  Your probably thinking to yourself, is that a typo cause I know she did not just say QUALITY and DETAILED skins for only [[399cr]]. Well , I did 😀 she made the skin at this low price purposely so that everyone could afford to have the chance to flaunt. Unlike other skins, her skins come with DIMPLES. So for all my ladies who have been waiting to flaunt their dimples on IMVU, you now have the chance  to do so with Cindy’s skins.  So go purchase this lovely and affordable skin !

Skin: [Dark New

Link: http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=9074216


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