Tantalizing Skin Tuesday

Heyy, Ladies and GentleFellas, well today is Tuesday July 5, and you know what that means, right?! Well, probably not but I guess I’ll let you into all the excitement. Today is the today I will showcase Gorgeous Skins that are not in the front of the catalog. Cause I know some of you all are lazy and do not want to take the time to look through the catalog for an UNIQUE SKIN, so weekly I’ll showcase different shades of skins that you rarely see from developers you probably haven’t heard of, although this week’s skin is from a popular developer.

Developer: Scarling

Skin: s| Akasha {Ebony}

Link: http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=9541928

-Scarling has taken time to craft this gorgeous dark brown skin, giving it highlights and  shadows in all the right places. For anyone out there having trouble looking for quality dark brown skin, please visit Scarling’s catalog and purchase this skin, this skin line {Akasha} was made EXCLUSIVELY for dark-skinned women which means she will not lighten this skin for customs if asked, which she states on her product page. I think it will encourage her to continuously create these beautiful darker toned skins. The Akasha skin line also comes in dark chocolate  and cocoa, although the skins are pretty pricey I believe its well worth it.

Swimsuit by MaliciousCruz: http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=9076936

Shoes by LuvableMeMe: http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=7546521


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